Online trends

Today, the topic of IT and online development is very relevant, the pace of digitalization has accelerated significantly, and the focus of almost all types of business has shifted from offline to online.

Having worked in IT and website and software development for over 20 years, I can say that online commerce and online business are driven by many factors. Internet coverage is expanding, the demand for a wider range of goods and for saving time and use of deliveries is growing.

The PathToProject team and I started with site development and are currently developing software.

In companies and businesses - and not only in Ukraine - the main communication with customers is online. According to the latest research published by Nielsen, online sales are growing steadily, and have tripled in the last six months, and these data are not declining. Nielsen also conducted another very important study - the ratio of offline and online shopping, so: 93 percent of respondents around the world have experience buying online! That is, we see that online retail and sales are increasingly becoming part of our daily lives and becoming the norm. In my opinion, all types of business right now need to quickly and, most importantly, qualitatively enter online. After all, a little more time - and all the niches will be occupied; leaders will already be formed whose sites Google indexes better because there are a certain number of regular visitors - then it will be much harder to find your place.

Digitalization is not only our future, but also our successful present

There are also changes in development, the development of programming and coding fully meets the challenges and requirements of the market. We can now offer solutions to a variety of business problems that are relevant today.

For example, for online stores, markets or food deliveries, we instantly load the page and sort the products on the page according to the filter parameters set by the user, the shopper, without reloading the entire page! Your customer wanted to find something - and got it right away! We understand that when images are loaded for more than 15 seconds or the entire page is reloaded and the customer has to wait and see a white screen - all this has a negative impact on sales. That is, if a company wants to be a leader online, to be successful in online commerce and in commerce in general, it must invest in quality and modern IT-development of the site first.


Analyzing the latest trends, it should be noted that, first, online business is a business that has a worldwide market; secondly - it is a simplification of the site management system to the user level. That is, CRM, which we use in development, allows the site administrator to independently manage the modules; modify, move, delete and add them; change the design without asking for help from the developers. It helps to be flexible in the market; respond immediately to changes and meet the needs of the market today, rather than spending time looking for contractors, concluding a contract and only then implementing the changes that were relevant two weeks ago. And the third, I think, is very important - it's caring about our future. After all, having made a website, for example from an online menu, the institution no longer has to print a lot of paper, laminate them into plastic and thus generate waste that has already flooded our planet. You place a QR-code - the client scans and has all the information in his smartphone.

By the way, we are now doing a social project - an online business card! It will be absolutely free; everyone will be able to find a template on our site, change the color and design, choosing from the proposed options; add your details and save your online business card. You can send it in any messenger, and you don't have to print tons of business cards, which are then thrown away when a person saves a phone number in the phonebook on their smartphone.

We are also open to other social projects: if you need the help of web developers in the implementation of a socially significant or cultural project - welcome, write or call us. When we talk about design trends, in my opinion, the most important thing is the ease of use and intuitive understanding of your customer what to do to find the right information or product on the site - this is the so-called UX / UI. This is the ascending share of views on smartphones, the growing share of consumption of video content, the rejection of long reads. "Parallax" is very popular now. This effect allows you to create a live image that will tell your customer everything he needs to know, changing as the page scrolls instead of waiting for the customer to read a lot of text. And, of course, in the conditions of oversaturation with content the identity which will allow to be noticed is important.


In our work, we have automated most of the processes, which has allowed us to reach a new level of quality of the final product and significantly reduce the cost of time - both our own and the client's time. We can do the same for any type and type of business. For example, automate reports or analysis of competitors on the Internet, automate notifications of new tasks or synchronization of different CRM-systems between cooperating companies. All this will speed up the work and avoid mistakes that occur from time to time and lead to losses.

It turns out that digitalization is not only our future, but also a successful present. The sooner companies attract the latest technologies to their work, the sooner they will become competitive not only in the Ukrainian market, but also in the world. And we are always happy to help Ukrainian companies in this.

It so happened that most of our customers are foreign companies such as Bayer, Alpro, Nestle and others. We want to help Ukrainian companies gain the best international experience and service. You probably know that most Ukrainian developers migrate to the United States, but I have a principled civic position, this is what inspires my own social projects and the desire to do other projects in Ukraine.