Drupal 8 VS Drupal 9

Someone is looking forward to the release of a new series of TV show, someone's iPhone 12, but of course we were waiting for the release of Drupal 9. If you are also interested in all the innovations and capabilities of Drupal 9, then this article is for you.

Of course, we are aware of what developers love briefly and in essence, therefore, we have collected all their observations in a short but informative review and share them:

  • Changes in this version are minimal, due to the fact that all efforts are aimed at cleaning up the outdated Drupal 8 code.
  • Drupal 9.0 API is compatible with Drupal 8.9.0. The main difference between the versions is that Drupal 9.0 does not contain code that is @deprecated in Drupal 8.9.0.
  • New functionality and features will be added starting with Drupal 9.1.0.
  • Drupal 8.8.0 - minimum version for direct upgrade to Drupal 9.
  • Migration of absolutely any Drupal 9 systems is possible.

We've already started working with Drupal 9, have you?

If you have any questions about the benefits of Drupal 9 and Drupal in general - write to us info@pathtoproject.com