Are you responsible for the results of your activities?

We all know that the planet's resources are exhaustible. But we want to use clean drinking water, fertile soil, minerals for as long as possible. Modern society consumes huge amounts of resources, but we pollute the planet even more. Today more and more people can be seen in stores with eco-bags, own packaging for cereal or reusable bottles for water. This is not just a fashion trend that will pass like all other trends. This is the whole life concept of conscious consumption. We need to understand the consequences of our activities and their results, and that it is entirely our responsibility. The topic of environmental protection concerns everyone, because we all live on this planet, interact with it and we do not have a spare Earth.

PathToProject joins the “Ukraine Without Garbage” initiative and urges everyone to clean their homes of CDs and vinyl records in the same way, thus doing a good deed! Also, we have our own eco-initiative aimed at reducing paper consumption: we have started developing an online business card editor, which you will soon be able to use for free on our website.

Everyone's contribution is important, together we can change our world for the better!