One of our favorite projects is not because Bayer is one of the largest and famouses company in the world, it is because we created (implemented) the project from idea to launch, because it is an online platform connecting professional doctors dealing with radiology.

It is very important that doctors have the opportunity to share experiences and develop - this was a business task from Bayer, and we coped with it. Heavy resources, complex filtering, multi-level filter, different levels of access, registration and own doctor's office - all this required the maximum technological level of our team. These are the tasks our team loves! Our technical solution and victory gave others the opportunity to win!

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Bayer Radiology


Alpro is our client, with whom we are united by long-term relationships on many projects, as well as friendship. Company representatives approached us with a brief and business task - to increase the time users stay on the site.

We began to analyze the reason why consumers leave sites. After all, you are also annoyed by the long page loading time and you are forced to watch the download icon instead of the information you need? And then our web developers set to work. And we have achieved a unique software solution - now all the most complicated navigation and filters on the Alpro website work instantly and without loading. You can see it yourself: Of course, this was a success, both for us and for Alpro, because the time consumer’s spent on the website increased, and sales increased with it. This was the beginning of our long-term partnerships and friendship. After that, we created the Alpro.barista minisite, where we used all our highest technical capabilities. Now we continue to work on other Alpro projects.

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Aveve Biochem

Albert Einstein said "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler" and we listened to him when we got a simple task that was not so easy to do. But we did it and did it the best of us. We are happy when the customer is happy. And the client is glad because he received a very easy to use web resource that he can change, fill and edit himrself. To do this, we used the latest and most popular web development and ideology wich named - Story Book. It is this ideology that allows you to create modules for a web resource and change them by user-friendly CMS depending on the business needs and issues by yourself without any help of web developers. It's really very convenient!

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Aveve biochem

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Aveve Biochem
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